The Royal New South Wales Regiment

The alliance with The Royal New South Wales Regiment dates from 1983. It owes its existence to an earlier alliance in 1938 with the 41st Infantry Battalion. It was re-raised in 1948 as the 41st Infantry Battalion, The Byron Scottish, wearing the uniform of The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

Now the 41st Battalion, The New South Wales Regiment, the ‘A’ Company and Pipes and Drums, wear the kilt of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.

  • Headquarters: Lismore, New South Wales (named after the island of that name in Argyll)
  • Tartan: Argyll and Sutherland (‘A’ Company and Pipes and Drums)
  • Motto: ‘Primus in Terra Australi’ Motto of 41st Bn: ‘ Mors Ante Pudorem’
  • Regimental March: ‘Cock O’The North’
  • 1914: Raised as the 12th Infantry
  • 1915: The 12th (Byron) Infantry
  • 1918: Becomes the 2nd Battalion The 41st Infantry (Byron Regiment) on amalgamation with the 35th Infantry Battalion (raised 1916)
  • 1921: Joins with 16th Field Ambulance to become 41st Battalion
  • 1929: Joins with the 2nd Battalion to form 2nd/41st Battalion
  • 1933: Unlinked to form 2nd battalion and joins with the 33rd to form 33rd/41st battalion
  • 1937: Unlinked to form 41st Battalion
  • 1942: 41st Battalion Australian Imperial Force (AIF)
  • 1943: Linked with the 2nd Battalion (AIF)
  • 1945: Disbanded
  • 1948: Re-raised as 41st Infantry battalion, The Byron Scottish Regiment
  • 1960: Reduced to ‘E’ Company (The Byron Scottish Company) 1st Battalion, The Royal Queensland Regiment
  • 1965: Re-raised as the 41st Battalion, The Royal New South Wales Regiment (text to go here)


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