The Association not only ensures that friendships forged during service with the Regiment are maintained through the activities of the branches, but also promotes welfare and can help with some financial assistance.


Executive Committee

President – Brigadier B W O Russell

Chairman – Colonel D G Ross, OBE

Secretary and Treasurer – Major Bob Elliot, BEM, The Castle Stirling, FK8 1EH

What is the Association?

You have been a contributor to the Days Pay Scheme and are therefore a life member of the Association. The Association is a club and its objects are:

• to promote the welfare of all its members,

• to foster the Regimental spirit amongst all ranks and to keep up connections with old comrades,

• to help members at the end of their service or afterwards to find suitable employment,

• to aid members when on travel in search of employment by paying their travel expenses and lodgings,

• to help financially all members, serving or discharged, and their dependents, who have need for some special reason or who are in distressed conditions.

What can you do?

1. Join a branch of the Regimental Association.

2. Attend branch reunion dinners.

3. Attend the annual Regimental Reunion which is normally held in Stirling or with the Battalion if they are stationed in the UK.

4. If you know of any ex-member of the Regiment or their family who is in need, contact the Home Headquarters.

5. Consider joining the local TA Battalion or the Cadet Battalion as an Instructor.

For further information contact:

Home Headquarters

The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

The Castle, Stirling, FK8 1EH

Telephone: (01786) 475165

Fax: (01786) 446038

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