HMS Argyll

HMS Argyll is the third ship in the Royal Navy to bear the name. One of the Type 23 ‘Duke’ class frigates, HMS Argyll was launched in 1989 and commissioned into the Royal Navy in 1991. The strong links with The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders are shown by their shared mott

But HMS Argyll is not the first Royal Navy ship to bear that proud name.

The third of the Royal Navy’s Duke class frigates, she was built by Yarrow Shipbuilders in Glasgow to a revolutionary design. With a superstructure shaped to minimise radar reflections which makes the ship as small as a fishing boat on radar, and with almost inaudible engines, HMS Argyll represents the latest in naval technology. The ship’s company is only 180, but all are proficient in high-tech maritime warfare. Argyll is based in Devonport, Plymouth.

In 2008 the Ship was in Devonport to conduct essential maintenance after its recent Gulf deployment. Having enjoyed a well-earned break in April, the Ship entered a period of operations in and around the United Kingdom. She then had a few weeks alongside for a varied programme of exercises and trials that took it through to December. While in UK waters the Ship was eligible for various contingency duties and tasks, similar to the emergency services.

In 2009, it was deploed to the Mediterranean for a short period to participate in a major exercise, before returning home for a refit in the summer.

Before entering refit in 2009, HMS Argyll visited Rothesay to take part in the Highland Games, firing a salute to mark the official opening of the Games; unfortunately it was the last opportunity for the pubic to see the Ship before it entered a 12 month refit in the East Coast port of Rosyth, Scotland.

The Commanding Officer, Commander Peter Olive and most of the Ship’s Company moved on, leaving 35 to supervise a multi-million pound project that will modernise, replace or upgrade many of the Ship’s weapons, engines and other systems.

The Royal Navy Frigate HMS Argyll, returned to sea on 10th September 2010, after a £20 Million upgrade. The refit project was carried out by Babcock Marine in Rosyth Dockyard on the Firth of Forth, Scotland. The refit included upgrades to the central tactical computer, the administrative computer system and the satellite communications. Many of the weapon systems were replaced or improved, including the short range missile system, Sea Wolf, the 4.5” Gun and automated small calibre cannons.

Externally, large sections of the hull were replaced and a new composite material deck replaced the wooden flight deck. Internally, three new engines were installed, the living quarters were updated and are now protected by a new fire and flood monitoring system.

Before returning to full operational effectiveness, HMS Argyll will undergo a period of sea trials.

For further information please visit the Royal Navy website.

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