In 2012 a three year old black Shetland pony called Cruachan IV stepped into the experienced and respected horseshoes of Cruachan III, who retired at the grand old age of twenty-three.

His first official appearance was at the 1 SCOTS Homecoming Parades in April 2013 and although he was lively he was well behaved – he will do anything for a polo mint. Cruachan IV currently lives at Redford Barracks, in Edinburgh, Scotland with his best friend Cruachan III and they are looked after by a Pony Major.

During ceremonial occasions, Cruachan IV wears an in-hand bridle with a snaffle bit. His saddlecloth is tartan (Government Tartan 1A) and gold, with an embroidered badge of The Royal Regiment of Scotland. Over his saddlecloth he wears a black leather roller and crupper.

He has a stripe of a Lance Corporal and two medals, one for the Regiment’s service in Afghanistan and the other for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

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