Overview, 1945 -1970

Overview, 1945 -1970

In 1948, in common with all other Line Regiments, the 2nd Battalion (the old 93rd) went into suspended animation.

Its traditions have been carried on by the 1st Battalion. It has since seen service in many parts of the world, including three years in Palestine keeping the peace between Arabs and Jews and the Korean War, Hill 283, in which it was one of the first two British units to reach that theatre and where it fought with great distinction – Major Muir winning a posthumous Victoria Cross on Hill 282.

After a period of Public Duties in Edinburgh including the presentation of New Colours by Her Majesty in 1953, the Battalion was despatched at short notice to British Guiana ‘in aid of the Civil Power’.

No action was required on this occasion and, following service in Berlin (1955/56) the next move was to Egypt for the Suez Operation, where the Battalion landed but did not see any action. This was followed by Internal Security duties in Cyprus for 18 months (1957/59). The first tour in the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR) as an armoured infantry battallion took place from 1959-62 and when that ended they returned to Scotland for ceremonial duties which included the granting of a number of Freedom of the Burgh ceremonies.

‘Confrontation’ proved to be the next active service tour for the Battalion, in 1964 they moved to Singapore and from there they carried out three, six month tours of duty in Borneo. On their return to Plymouth in 1967 they were almost immediately selected to serve in Aden where their task was to keep rival Arab factions from interfering with the British plans for granting Independence to the inhabitants of Aden.

The successful re-occupation of Crater under the command of Lt Col CC Mitchell which received international acclaim was the main event during this tour of duty.

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