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North West Europe, 1944 - 1945

North West Europe, 1944 – 1945

2nd Battalion (Reconstituted)

The 15th Battalion, stationed in Orkney as part of 207 Brigade, became reconstituted as the Regiment’s 2nd Battalion. The 2nd(Reconstituted) Battalion landed in Normandy on the 21st June 1944 and fought as part of 227 Brigade, 15th Scottish Division throughout France at the River Odon, Gavrus, Tourmauville Bridge, Caen, Esquay, Mont Pincon, Quarry Hill and Estry, before moving into Belgium and Holland in September 1944.

After fighting at Aart, Gheel Bridge and the lower Maas, the Battalion entered Germany in March 1945 and fought at Meijel, the Rhineland, the Rhine itself, Uelzen and Artlenberg, until the German surrender in May 1945.

5th Battalion

The 5th Battalion as the 91st Anti-Tank Regiment, Royal Artillery (A&SH) (TA) supported a large number of units and formations from the 20th June 1944 until the end of hostilities. It saw action in Normandy, including supporting the 15th Scottish Division, Belgium, areas around the River Maas, the Reichswald and the River Rhine in 1945. Its many actions are commemorated by the Royal Artillery Battle Honour ‘Ubique’, Everywhere.

7th Battalion

The 7th Battalion landed in Normandy with the 51st Highland Division on the 11th June 1944 and fought throughout the Campaign until the final surrender in May 1945. The 51st Highland Division entered St Valery en Caux, defended bridges over the River Orne and supported the assaults on Caen and Operation Goodwood.

9th Battalion

The 9th Battalion as the 54th (A&SH) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (TA) landed in Normandy on the 29th August 1944 to support the Canadian 1st Army. Armed with anti-aircraft guns the Battalion moved through France and Belgium, provided air defence for the recently liberated Antwerp and later protected the estuary of the River Scheldt, in the lowlands of Holland. Its many actions are commemorated by the Royal Artillery Battle Honour ‘Ubique’, Everywhere.

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