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North West Europe, 1940

North West Europe, 1940

6th Battalion

The 6th Battalion landed in France in January 1940 as a Machine Gun Battalion. It moved into Belgium on the 10th May as part of the 2nd Division and reached the outskirts of Brussels, before being swept up in the general withdrawal and the final evacuation from Dunkirk.

The Battalion suffered heavy casualties and less than half its original strength were evacuated at Dunkirk.

7th and 8th Battalions

As part of the 51st Highland Division, the Battalions landed in France in February 1940. The 7th and 8th Battalions were in 154 Brigade, which was deployed along the River Somme.

The German attack took place on the 5th June and by the morning of the 7th June both Battalions had suffered very heavy losses and were withdrawn.

The remnants of the two Battalions escaped through Le Havre whilst the remainder of the 51st Highland Division was captured by the Germans at St Valery en Caux.

9th Battalion

The former 9th Battalion, which had become 54th (A&SH) Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery (TA) in 1938, landed in France in September 1939 and was employed on Headquarters and airfield defence until the fall of France, when it was evacuated back to Britain.

Its many actions are commemorated by the Royal Artillery Battle Honour, ‘Ubique’, Everywhere.

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