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British Guiana (Guyana);1953Cyprus, 1958-1959;Borneo,1964-1966

British Guiana (Guyana);1953Cyprus, 1958-1959;Borneo,1964-1966

British Guiana (Guyana), 1953

The small colony of British Guiana suffered unrest and the Regiment was sent in 1953 to help maintain law and order in support of the civil authorities. Apart from a few minor incidents the Battalion settled down to a year of social and sporting activities, during which time several of the men married local women.

Cyprus, 1958-1959

In 1958, the Regiment sailed for Cyprus, where the Greek Cypriot terrorist organisation EOKA, was continuing its campaign of assassination and sabotage against local Turkish Cypriots and the British presence in Cyprus.

The EOKA was attempting to achieve a union with Greece and Cyprus. The Battalion spent its time on guard duty, patrolling, manning road blocks and on cordon and search operations, until moving to Larnaca, where it settled into garrison life and training. During this period the Greek, Turkish and British governments reached a political settlement on the future of Cyprus. In 1959 the Battalion moved to Germany.


The Battalion deployed to Borneo on three, six month operational tours, between 1964 and 1966, in defence of the Federation of Malaysia, which included Northern Borneo, Sarawak and Brunei.

Small groups of well armed and highly trained soldiers from Indonesian, Southern Borneo, were committing terrorist raids across the border against the indigenous population, attacking villages in the jungle as well as military and commercial targets.

From company and platoon bases small teams of Argylls patrolled deep into the dense jungle searching for and reacting to signs of these enemy patrols. Two significant contacts with the enemy resulted from tracking, follow-up operations and successful ambushes, when several of the enemy were killed.

The first near Pa Butal when Sgt Brian Baty won the Military Medal and the second in the Kandai Border where Lt David Thomson won the Military Cross.

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