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The Fighting Battalions

1st Battalion

The machine gun section India 1913.

The 1st were in India when war was declared and eventually reached the Western Front in France in November 1914, before being sent to the Salonika front in 1915.

1st 3rd Battalions




2nd Battalion

Follow the link to read about the first few days of the war following  the 2nd Battalion from Fort George Inverness on the outbreak of war and to Bolougne France in Aug 1914.War Diaries Hyslop435

Follow the link to learn about the action of the 2nd Battalion at Plugstreet Wood November 1914 hyslop diary Nov 1914

2nd 4th Battalions


5th Battalion

Follow the links to read an extract from the war diaries of the 5th Battalion. The 5th were initially called to arms at Greenock and performed local defence duties until deploying to Bedford before going overseas.

war diary 5th 437

5th Battalion



6th Battalion

The 6th were deployed at Paisley doing home defence work until The Territorial Force were sent abroad.


Follow the link to read more on on the 6th.


6th Battalion


7th Battalion

The Stirling Territorial Force was sent to France early in 1915.

Follow the link to read more on the 7th Battalion.

7th Battalion

8th Battalion

The 8th formed up in Dunoon before being sent to Bedford and overseas. Follow the links to read more on the 8th Battalion.

8th war diary

8th Battalion




9th Battalion

Follow the links to read about the first days of the War.The 9th remained in Dunbartonshire before deploying in 1915.


9th Battalion



Service Battalions

The service battalions  became Kitchener’s New Army and were formed in the early stages of the war to replace the professional and Territorial Forces. The 1oth were raised in Stirling in 1914 and deployed to aldershot for training before going to France in 1915.

Follow the link to read more on the Service Battalions.

service battalions

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