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93rd, "The Thin Red Line" Balaklava, 1854


Overview, “The Thin Red Line” Balaklava, 1854

After New Orleans the 93rd spent 10 years in Britain and Ireland, 11 years in the West Indies, and a further 13 at home and in Canada.

In 1854 they went to the Crimea, took part in the storming of the heights above the Alma and then moved on to Sevastopol.

They were led by Sir Colin Campbell who was so pleased with them at Alma that he had obtained Lord Raglan’s permission to wear a Highland bonnet instead of his general’s cocked hat for the rest of the campaign.

Sir Colin Campbell

Sir Colin Campbell commanded the Highland Brigade, which included the 93rd, during the Crimean War, taking charge of the Thin Red Line at Balaklava. When the Indian Mutiny of 1857 broke out, he was appointed, at the age of 64, Commander-in-Chief of the British Forces in India.

The 93rd, his favourite Highlanders fought alongside this experienced, tough but admired soldier throughout the campaign, often facing far superior numbers, in particular during the Relief of Lucknow, the bloodiest struggle of the whole campaign.


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