Dear Argyll Supporter 

The Regimental Family – Help us find the ‘Lost Argylls’

At this time of year, perhaps more than any other, our thoughts turn to family and friends. The Regimental family is hugely important to all Argylls, but unfortunately, since the formation of The Royal Regiment of Scotland, we have lost touch with many of our members.

RHQ used, many years ago, to hold the records of all who joined, but centralised systems and data protection legislation have long since removed this basic information from us. This message is going out to all who are already in touch, whether Argylls, family members or other supporters. It is to ask for your help to find the ‘Lost Argylls’.

Many of you will know that a huge programme is underway to develop the Regimental Museum so that it will keep the memory alive long after we are all gone. It will have up-to-date presentations of all the great events in the 200 year history, and a mass of objects related to the story, but ALL OF US, whether Regular, TA and Reserve, Wartime, Cadets, or Attached formed the body of the Regiment, and it is only right that the fullest record of those who served should be part of this new Museum.

This is therefore like a chain letter, to reach out to as many as possible who wore the uniform, so that the Regimental Museum can begin to build up a full Roll of Argylls, as far back as living history can take us.

Please play your part by passing this e-mail and attached form on to anyone whose contact you may have, with a request that they send us their details so that we may keep in touch with them and ask them to pass it on so that the net is spread as widely as possible.

Unfortunately, Data protection regulations mean that we can’t accept a list of names and contact details of your fellow Argylls from you. Each Argyll must get in touch with us himself using the attached form.

With your help we can make contact with fellow Argylls and ensure the spirit of the Regiment continues to live on.

Thank you.

Ne Obliviscaris,

Lieutenant General Sir John MacMillan KCB CBE

TRL Appeal President

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