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The Frontier Force Regiment, Pakistan Army

The close association between the 1st Battalion (Scinde), The Frontier Force Regiment, Pakistan Army, and The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders formed during the Second World War, when as the 6th Royal Battalion (Scinde) 13th Frontier Force Rifles, they fought alongside the 91st in Italy, 1944.

Headquarters: Abottabad, North West Frontier Province
Facings: Red
Motto: ‘Ready Aye Ready’
Regimental March: ‘A Hundred Pipers’
1843: Raised as the Scinde Camel Corp
1851: 6th Punjab Infantry, The Scinde Rifle Corp Punjab Irregular Force
1865: The Scinde Rifle Corp, Punjab Frontier Force
1903: 59th Scinde Rifles, Frontier Force
1921: Royal Scinde Rifles, Frontier Force
1922: 6th Royal Battalion (Scinde), 13th Frontier Force Rifles to Pakistan on Partition
1947: 6th Battalion Frontier Force Rifles (Scinde)
1956:1st Battalion (Scinde) The Frontier Force Regiment

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